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React Js


Akestech offers best React Js Course Training in Lucknow with most experienced professionals. Our Instructors are working in React Js Course and related technologies for more than 5 years . We are aware of industry needs and we are offering React Js Course Training in Lucknow in more practical way. Our team of React Js Course trainers offers React Js Course in Classroom training and React Js Course Corporate Training services. Our syllabus matches the real world requirements for both beginner level to advanced level. Our training will be handled in either weekday or weekends programme depends on participants requirement.

Course Content
Overview of React Js

      Try React
      Learn React
      Staying Informed
      Versioned Documentation

      Hello World
      Introducing JS
      Rendering Elements
      Components and Props
      State and Lifecycle
      Handling Events
      Conditional Rendering
      Lists and Keys
      Lifting State Up
      Composition vs Inheritance
      Thinking In React

      Error Boundaries
      Forwarding Refs
      Higher-Order Components
      Integrating with Other Libraries
      JSX In Depth
      Optimizing Performance
      React Without ES6
      React Without JSX
      Refs and the DOM
      Render Props
      Static Type Checking
      Strict Mode
      Typechecking With PropTypes
      Uncontrolled Components
      Web Components

      DOM Elements
      Test Utilities
      Test Renderer
      JS Environment Requirements

      Introducing Hooks
      Hooks at a Glance
      Using the State Hook
      Using the Effect Hook
      Rules of Hooks
      Building Your Own Hooks
      Hooks API Reference

      Testing Overview
      Testing Recipes
      Testing Environments

      Introducing Concurrent Mode
      Suspense for Data Fetching
      Concurrent UI Patterns
      Adopting Concurrent Mode
      Concurrent Mode API Reference

    Regular Batch ( Monday to Friday), Timings : Morning & Evening
    shift Weekend Training Batch also available on Saturday, Sunday & Holidays
    Student Benefits
      Hands on Project Experience exposures in the Lab sessions.
      Real Time case studies to practice.
      Free Technical Support after Course Completion.
      Back up Classes Available.
      LAB Facility .
      Free Wifi to learn subject.
      Latest Study Material.

    Our Trainers
      More than 5 Years of experience in React Js Technologies.
      Has worked on multiple realtime React Js projects.
      Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge.

    Our React Js Placements / Training Records in Lucknow
      Placement Assistance.
      100% percent Placement Record.

    Course Duration : 2 months
    Mini Project : Project would be allotted to a student which has to be submitted with project documentations and reports. Viva would be conducted for the project for successfully completion of the course.