Akestech provides a fully practical oriented Java training to its students ,where a student would be able to learn various object oriented concept,looping concepts,classes and object concepts, packages and graphical components using AWT concepts.

Introduction to Java
Java Features & Tools
OOPS Concepts

      Data Types and Operators
      Conditional Statements (If , If-Else, Nested If Else statements , Switch Case)
      Looping(For Loop,While Loop, Do-While Loop, Break & Continue Statement)
      Arrays and its types
      Constructor & Distructor
      Classes and Objects
      Method Overloading(Polymorphism)
      Reference this & Access Modifiers

    Regular Batch ( Monday to Friday), Timings : Morning & Evening
    shift Weekend Training Batch also available on Saturday, Sunday & Holidays
    Student Benefits
      Hands on Project Experience exposures in the Lab sessions.
      Real Time case studies to practice.
      Free Technical Support after Course Completion.
      Back up Classes Available.
      LAB Facility .
      Free Wifi to learn subject.
      Latest Study Material.

    Our Trainers
      More than 5 Years of experience in Java Technologies.
      Has worked on multiple realtime Java projects.
      Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge.

    Our Java Placements / Training Records in Lucknow
      Placement Assistance.
      100% percent Placement Record.

    Course Duration : 2 months
    Mini Project : Project would be allotted to a student which has to be submitted with project documentations and reports. Viva would be conducted for the project for successfully completion of the course.